Yousha Bashir, 24 years old, Sculptor

I’ve been playing the didgeridoo for three years now; I like it because it sounds so tribal and other worldly. I came across it at a party a few years ago where I met a guy who had come to [...]

Nusratallah Saniee, 73, retired businessman

I was born in Ghonabaad, a village in Khorasan in the Iranian desert. I had nine brothers and sisters, which meant that our sofreh (the Iranian tablecloth on which people gather to eat) was [...]

Sima Mohamadzaadeh, Pharmacist

Well it’s not polite to ask a woman her age, so I won’t tell you that, but anyone who sees me can work out how old I am! I’m a pharmacist and I was born and live in Rasht, a [...]

Reza Ahmadi, 47, Taxi Driver.

My favourite food is ghormeh sabzi (lamb, herbs and dried lime stew). It’s delicious. That and fesenjoon (chicken with walnuts and pomegranates). These are my two favourite dishes. I ask my [...]

Roya Baighi, 55, farmer.

I learnt cooking from my mother-in-law. My own mother was a seamstress and being a working mum with six kids to feed she was always busy so didn’t have much time to cook. She would always [...]

Mehrma Sephangekhu, 65, retired book-keeper

I was born in Tehran and have lived here all my life. I went to university in 1969 to read accounting and whilst I was studying I worked part time as a book-keeper. That was how I met my husband, [...]

Faezeh Khorasani, 32, Project Manager.

I had fish and chips for lunch yesterday. Yes, you can get fish and chips in Tehran. But it’s not as good as it is in the UK. There the chips are real fat proper chips. I love eating them [...]

Behzad Nalbandi, 41, Film-maker.

My surname means horseshoe, the symbol of good luck. And I think I’ve pretty lucky in my life. I love having people round and cooking. My mates will often say “oh lets just get a [...]

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